Saxenda – Brighton has a New Weight Loss Treatment

Saxenda Brighton Weight Loss Clinic

Losing weight can be a struggle for anyone: a sea of conflicting information, the bad days full of temptation. Plus all those celebrity diets that seem designed to just make you feel guilty.

If you are struggling to lose weight, there is a new weight-loss medication that could be the answer to your problems.

It’s called Saxenda.

Brighton & Hove’s Burwash Pharmacy’s weight loss clinic is accepting Saxenda consultations today.

What is Saxenda?

Saxenda is a new treatment option for people who are struggling to lose weight.

When combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise, Saxenda may help you to lose weight and keep it off. Saxenda is aimed at people who are clinically obese – that’s a BMI of 30 and above. However, it can also be prescribed for people who have a medical condition that affects their weight who also have a BMI of 27 and above. This includes people with diabetes.

It’s a prescription-only medication meaning you need approval from a qualified healthcare professional before being able to use it. Saxenda is a self-administered injectable and comes as a pre-loaded injection pen.

If the idea of Saxenda injections sounds scary – don’t worry. You will be given training and support so you feel fully in control with this weight loss treatment.Saxenda Brighton Weight Loss Clinic

How does Saxenda work?

Saxenda contains an ingredient that mimics a hormone that naturally occurs in your body. GLP-1 is the name of the hormone and it helps regulate appetite. So Saxenda may help you feel less hungry, helping you eat less and lose weight. Clever, eh?

Because it works with your body, Saxenda allows you to adopt healthier lifestyle choices including a balanced diet and an active day. Saxenda assists you in achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals by establishing these new healthy habits.

Losing weight with Saxenda isn’t a quick fix, a wonder drug or a restrictive regime. Instead, Saxenda could be the support you need to kick-start a new healthier lifestyle.

How soon can I expect Saxenda results?

You will probably see weight loss within two weeks of starting your healthier lifestyle alongside the Saxenda weight loss medication.

In a 56-week study conducted by the company that makes of Saxenda, most participants saw weight-loss results:

  • 3 in 5 participants lost at least 5% of their starting body weight
  • 1 in 3 participants lost 10% or more of their starting body weight
  • 8 out of 10 participants maintained their weight loss

It’s important the remember that weight-loss is a personal journey. Everyone is different and so weight loss results vary from individual to individual.

Burwash Pharmacy’s weight loss clinic, Brighton, has specially trained pharmacists who can help you with your weight loss journey. We understand the challenges but also the many health benefits of achieving a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Is Saxenda Weight Loss the right choice for me?

Come to Burwash Pharmacy’s weight loss clinic in Brighton for a free consultation if:

  • You are obese and want to lose weight
  • Having lost weight before you always put it back on
  • You have a weight-related medical problem including high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type-2 diabetes.

However, you must not use Saxenda if any of the following apply to you:

  • Pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • Currently breastfeeding
  • Allergic to any of the ingredients

How do I get a prescription for Saxenda in Brighton?

Via a private consultation at Burwash Pharmacy, of course!

The consultation takes the form of a questionnaire. You will need to give information about your age, weight and general health. Don’t worry – our service is discrete and all information given is private.

If you are local to Brighton Saxenda consultations can be completed in-store at our weight loss clinic at Burwash Pharmacy. Otherwise, you can complete the questionnaire online.

How much do Saxenda weight-loss injections cost?

A single Saxenda pen costs £53 and contains many doses. The exact number of doses depends on where you are in the treatment plan.

You will need to also purchase disposable needles that go with the Saxenda pen. But if you buy 5 or more pens, you’ll get FREE needles and a container for disposing of them after use.

Saxenda Brighton Weight Loss Clinic

Come to Burwash Pharmacy for our Weight Loss Service Brighton & Hove Community Pharmacist

If you would like to know more about Saxenda Brighton pharmacists at Burwash Pharmacy would happy to talk to you.

So, pop in to see us today or start your online Saxenda weight loss consultation now.

This post was written on behalf of Burwash Pharmacy by Nicola from Pharmacy Mentor.

Travel Clinic Brighton and Yellow Fever Centre


If you are planning on going on a journey to an exotic destination, it can be such a memorable time. Maybe you’re planning on visiting an exotic country or you’re simply looking to explore the tropic rainforests in another land. No matter where it is that you’re traveling to, our travel clinic Brighton services will ensure that you stay secure and protected on your trip.

We will use this article to discuss all the important things that you need to know about travel medicines, as well as travel vaccinations and their importance. You will also get to find out how they operate and the steps you can take to get yourself protected. After going through this article, if you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact our travel clinic in Brighton and we will be pleased to help you with any questions that you have.

Find out what vaccination you need now

The Importance Of Travel Vaccines

The possibility of having exposure to different bacteria and viruses is very high when traveling abroad, especially, if your body is not immune against such bacteria or viruses. You could become infected or get diseases like Yellow Fever causing you to become sick. When you get vaccinated or receive vaccinations before traveling, your body will become immune against these viruses. Getting vaccinated is paramount because a couple of these diseases can be so severe that, sometimes, they may result in the death of the victim.

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever results from a virus which is spread via mosquito bites. Its symptoms usually show up within 3 to 6 days of being bitten and include headaches, pains in the back and muscles, chills, and fever. It is estimated that in all cases of yellow fever, about 15% of the patients develop a very severe illness which results to bleeding, failure of vital organs, shock, and death in some cases. The best way to prevent a yellow fever disease and protect yourself as a traveler is to get a vaccination for yellow fever and take steps to prevent mosquito bites.

If the yellow fever vaccine is required or recommended, then, you should get one. All you have to do is visit Burwash Pharmacy travel clinic and yellow fever center and request for a vaccination for yellow fever. Endeavor to get vaccinated at least ten days to your trip.

Once you have been vaccinated, you will be issued a certificate of vaccination that is signed and stamped and it is expected that you carry the certificate along on your trip as the certificate is internationally recognized. The vaccine usually lasts for the rest of your life, however, some persons may have to get a booster vaccination after 10 years according to recommendations.

Persons above the age of 60 and persons with weak defense systems have a higher risk of experiencing side effects. Women who are pregnant, as well as, nursing mothers may also be at risk too.

What to do about Yellow fever

If you have a feeling that you could be sick from yellow fever, you have to contact your doctor if your illness becomes serious and you have a fever. Let them know about your trip. Make use of paracetamol and avoid ingesting painkillers which have aspirin and ibuprofen as they may lead to bleeding. Ensure that you rest well enough and consume lots of liquid. Also, take the necessary steps to prevent further bites.

How Travel Vaccines Function

Travel vaccines come in varieties to keep you protected from various diseases. They have a similar mode of operation. You will be given an injection which contains a solution meant to trigger your immune system into the production of antibodies. These white blood cells are specially meant to deal with one specific infection. In that case, if you happen to get exposed to the virus, your body’s immune system will deal with it before it can do any damage.

We recommend that you get your travel vaccine at least 21 days or more before making your trip to make sure that you give your body adequate time to develop the necessary amount of antibodies that will protect you maximally. Some vaccines can last for some years while some can be active throughout your life.

The type of travel vaccine that you need will depend on what part of the world you’re traveling to, where you plan on staying, and your activities there. If you really wish to know what vaccines and antimalarials are required for each country, check out the fit for travel website of the NHS. When getting vaccinated, endeavor to carry out thorough checks with an expert to ensure that you’re getting a vaccine that is really needed. Our travel clinic Brighton pharmacists always double-check but you can do this yourself too.

Preventing Malaria

Malaria happens to be a very serious case that can cause death. It is basically transmitted by blood-sucking mosquitos. The malaria paradise comes in four types and they all affect the human body.  A variety of medication against malaria exists because the malaria parasite comes in four types. At Burwash Pharmacy travel clinic, we have a variety of antimalarials that you can purchase from us.

The Burwash Pharmacy Travel Clinic Brighton

Our travel clinic Brighton pharmacists have the needed training and are experts in administering travel vaccines and managing Yellow Fever conditions. We also provide premium health tips and the latest information for travelers to keep them informed and alert to the risks associated with their travel.

Head over to our main Burwash Pharmacy website to begin your free travel consultation today. Our pharmacists are waiting and are ready to give you the best services and ensure that you remain safe on your trip.